Jennefer’s Week In Pics!

We took full advantage of fall break this year and went to Chicago!

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While we were there we went to our favorite grocery store, Eataly.  If you haven’t been, you are missing out!  These gold mosaic clad pizza ovens make the best pizzas!

photo 7

We were also lucky enough to see the closing day of Magritte.  It was packed full of Rene Magritte’s most inventive years of painting.  I loved it!

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Retail design always has intrigued me.  AllSaints in Chicago pulled out all the stops on their store entrance.  Check out all those sewing machines!!

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These are some of the pieces of a place setting I made for a sweet friend’s daughter’s wedding.  Congrats Jessica and Matt!!

photo 1



Got myself a new design book.  I’m totally into Erin Gates these days!

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A sweet dear friend of ours, Nick Dantona, gifted us one of his photographs.  It’s one of my favorites of his!




BHD went to market and this is me laying down on the job.  Seriously, that recliner chair gets you horizontal!!


October 604


And I also had a birthday this week!  My birthday tradition is to carve a pumpkin.  This year I had some help!


Happy Halloween!!!

Dining Room Lighting!

Do you love the lighting in your home? Does it look right? Does it give good light? These are just some of the questions you can ask yourself when you are thinking about introducing new fixtures into your rooms. Take your dining room for instance, does it work?  Dining rooms are often a great place to start jazzing up the lighting in your home because most homes are wired for an overhead chandelier and provide an easy, logical place for a statement piece.

cc35070ea58417de5598560ed7a19ea2Apparatus Studio fixture via Pinterest

The sky is the limit with statement making chandeliers. Aesthetically, there is a plethora of options to choose from. You can let your lighting set the overall tone for the space OR you can choose lighting to be the sweet, finishing touch.  Practicality wise, most fixtures come with enough cord so you can hang at any height. When you are starting to think of fixtures, just measure your ceiling and table height. The general rule of thumb is to hang fixtures 30″ – 34″ above table height.

pintrest---Via Pinterest

Another thing to consider if the style of your home. Modern or traditional? Rustic or luxe? I was in NYC this past weekend and saw a great fixture by MOOOI in the B & B Italia showroom. This piece is certainly more high tech / techie than I tend to sway but paired with rougher, less futuristic furnishings, I can see this fixture pairing well in almost any setting I can imagine.

Heracleum by MOOOI

Another great option for dining room lighting is to break up the tried and true look of a single, grand chandelier by installing a series of pendants. This look can add visual interest without adding too much additional cost.The look is modern without trying too hard. Sometimes, depending on the scale of the room and the height of the ceilings, two smaller fixtures instead of one big chandelier can make the space feel more spacious and open.

sheep skinVia Pinterest

If you are considering adding multiple fixtures over the dining room table, consider mixing and matching. There are many ways to do it but consider mixing sizes, shapes, colors, and even hanging fixtures at different heights. Groupings work well when you pair complimenting pieces together. The look is original and unique— not prepackaged!

a sweeden kitchenVia Pinterest

Once the table has been taken care of, consider if you want to add any sconces. Sconces work really well in dining rooms with buffets and banquets or in rooms with fireplaces. They add elegance and give a new layer of light to the space. Consider adding sconces if the room the room is spacious and could use more lighting than just a single overhead fixture.

rustic_wall_sconces_dining_roomVia Barn Lighting Electric

Another great addition to your dining room lighting might be to add a pair of table lamps to a buffet. The table lamps create a create sense of symmetry and order when centered under a chandelier. The lamps add a layer of light and help soften up the overall look and feel of the space.

last oneVia House & Home

Finally, if you want to make a change but aren’t ready to plunk money down on new fixtures, just add dimmers. Dining rooms are all about soft lighting and ambiance and dimmers offer great control! Another final tip is to add candle light. Don’t forget the candles!

Best of Market 2014

Last week BHD traveled to North Carolina for High Point’s Fall Market. As always, there was so much to see and so little time. We shopped until we dropped and couldn’t wait to share with you some of our favorite finds!

There really is nothing hotter right now than gold accessories. The key to any trend is incorporating it seamlessly into your design. These metal accents do the trick, don’t you think?

Metal Accents

We have been in the market for unique cocktail and side tables and found some great options for our clients.  Check out the beautiful lines in these tables!


At the top of our shopping list this year was great seating.  To us, this means the piece has to be both good looking and comfortable. We put hundreds of chairs to the test (no, really). These beauties made the cut!


Beth, Jennefer and I tested dining chairs, lounge chairs, chaise lounges and daybeds, but were most eager to try out this year’s sofas. There are so many options when searching for a sofa, sectional, or settee. How deep should the seat be? How many cushions should it have? Down versus foam? Each of these sofas has fabulous design details that make them unique and they sit great!


We happened upon tons of great furniture vignettes with unique combinations of lighting, accessories, artwork, and furniture. It was really inspiring!

Showroom Settings

We saw some really great stuff, right?! The best part is, all of these pieces are available through BHD!


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