Go for the Gold!

As the lovely fall weather works its way in it’s a great time to warm your home up for the  season by adding metallic elements to the mix.  These accents are also perfect pieces that dress up the setting for holiday gatherings! Gold tone accessories are everywhere these days so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding some that speak to you. Here are a few at the top of my list!

gold tablegold tabletop 2

Table top accessories are one of the easiest was to incorporate gilded pieces into your decor. (Top to bottom – Brass sculptures from Emporium Home; Set of brass ants from Arteriors; Faceted sculptures from Gold Leaf Design Group; Branch Sculpture from Arteriors; Copper vases from Gold Leaf Design Group; Brass spheres from Arteriors)



gold bar

Bar accessories and bowls are simple, yet bold ways to enhance your serving areas, not to mention a perfect way to amp up your seasonal tablescapes.  (top to bottom – Decanters from Arteriors; Hammered bowl from Regina Andrew Design; Vortex bowl from Lazy Susan; Marble & brass tray from Arteriors)



gold wall

Introduce some shimmer to your walls! Insert some new artwork to you collected or dramatic accent mirror for instant impact. Or temporarily swap these pieces with your existing ones just for the season.  (top to bottom – Sunburst mirror & Gold leaf birds from Mirror Image Home; Gold leaf hearts from Natural Curiosities)




Light up the season with these shiny but sophisticated lamps. They will set the mood in your space this fall, and beyond! (top to bottom – Triton lamp from Emporium Home; Eureka task lamp from Regina Andrew Design; Longferry lamp from Currey & Co.; Rimini floor lamp by Dwell Studios from Global Views)


shelf 1 shelf 2

Don’t limit yourself to one finish.  Here is a recent BHD accessory installation doing just that. All the metallic pieces bring the custom cabinetry to life!


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Outdoor Firepits!

I know it is Fall in Tennessee when I start lusting over outdoor firepits!  Personally, I think firepits are the epitome of chic, as they show thoughtfulness and attention to detail. Treat the exterior spaces in your home the same way you would treat the interior spaces — imagine how you might want to use the space and find products that help that vision materialize.

The sunken firepit shows a nice balance, a rough-lux look. A similar look good be achieved DIY or by working with a designer. I love how this seating area curves around and the stone wall looks like it could have been original. It is a nice design.

1e8015ba48bbe9f517a42411ecbdcc1c5d8b7428_mHome of architect / interior designers Steven Harris & Lucien Rees Roberts

 Another nice design (or a really, really nice design) is the firepit at Courteney Cox’s Malibu home. Featured in Elle Decor, this image screams outdoor lux. The area is perfect, from the wrap around couch encased in glass to the casual throw blanket. One thing is for sure, this firepit serves as a great gathering spot and must be one of the most popular places in her home!

3_1308764926_courteney_cox_home_ed_0711_07-lgnElle Decor

The biggest decision when designing / purchasing a firepit is whether to go with gas or firewood. So far, I have shown one wood burning and one gas. Both have their perks and often the decision really comes down to the size of your backyard, whether you burn wood in your house, and what type of fire you prefer. Personally, I would be tempted to go with a wood fireplace because I tend to lean towards a purist side of doing things, however, I am sure my husband would prefer gas just because it would be easier for him since we don’t burn wood in our home and adding wood to the shopping list would be just one more thing.


Geometric fire pit sold through Design Within Reach

Another thing to consider is whether you want to just add ambiance to your backyard or if you actually want to produce heat.  Wood = more heat while gas = less heat. Here is a good post from HGTV on things to consider.  Remember, safety is important!

Picture1-- smaller

Ore Firepit

Lastly, consider whether you want to use propane or natural gas. Both have their particular advantages– propane pits are usually portable and can be moved around the yard while natural gas is usually installed though a gas line connecting to your home. On the other hand, natural gas is cheaper to buy than propane. Again, it comes down to preference and how often (and where) you want to enjoy the fire.

Montauk-Nest-Chair-Antiqu-Palm (1)Pinterest


Expect to see a firepit really soon at BHD! Hint— it will makes its first appearance at the upcoming BHD Holiday Bazaar party on November 20th! Hope to see you all there!

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Week In Pics

If our last few posts haven’t gotten you geared up for Fall, this one sure will! Cold weather is on its way, which means I have been savoring the few glimpses of sunshine we have had this week. Check out the giant mums Jennefer brought everyone at BHD. They keep getting bigger and bigger!



I recently hosted a shower for a dear friend who is expecting a baby boy this December. The theme for the shower was Precious Cargo and it was certainly a precious party! A perk of hosting an event is getting to enjoy the decorations for more than a few hours. These cheerful flower arrangements have been making me smile all week!  It reminds me I should make a habit of keeping fresh flowers around the house.


One of my favorite restaurants in town is Marche. They have a killer brunch, not to mention some of the best pastries in Nashville. It is dangerously close to my house and sometimes I find myself walking down the block just to peruse their dessert case. This week I couldn’t resist these festive cookies. Aren’t they beautiful?! They tasted great, too!


I know I am new around here, so I should probably share a few things about myself. One little known fact is I am in a Nashville bowling league! Last year I joined a group of architects, designers, and engineers that bowl every Wednesday night from Fall through Spring. I was skeptical at first (that is a lot of bowling!), but had such a blast with this hilarious group of people. The new season just started and I couldn’t resist busting out some vintage bowling gear. The ball inside that bag is my aunt’s from the 70′s!


You should also know that I am relatively new to Nashville. I was born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky and moved here almost two years ago in search of a bigger city offering exciting design opportunities and great food (no really, that was a must!). Nashville has certainly delivered! Being just a few hours drive from home gives me the best of both worlds. This weekend I am making the trek up I-65 and across the Bluegrass Parkway for one of my most favorite Fall activities–Keeneland! To me, there is nothing better than the excitement of the races. Pair that with friends, incredible scenery, and a cup of Kentucky Burgoo, and you have a recipe for the perfect October weekend.


Happy Friday!

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