Six Steps for Spectacular Lighting!

Lighting is a crucial part to any design.  Without it we would live in darkness.  With it we can enjoy dimly lit dinners, safely chop vegetables and make a dramatic statement with style!

Of course, there are rules to apply such as heights, sizes, etc., or not.  Possibly there are rules to break (see some below).  But just remember this one thing….layered lighting is the best lighting!

For additional lighting tips, check this out.


Everyone has to have a decorative light above the dining table, right?  Well, what if it was a floor lamp?  Yes, a floor lamp!  Doesn’t matter the source on this one, just make sure you can dim the light and see the person across from you. Bon appetit!



Dining tables are not the only table that can hold a decorative fixture.  Accent a sitting area by putting a dynamic fixture above a cocktail table!


Task lighting is always a must!  You have to see to read and work!  Never forget your desk lamp and your nook light!



Speaking of reading.  Read often, in bed? Make sure you have adequate lighting by adding a sweet little book light!



While on the subject of task lighting.  No greater room deserves more attention to lighting than the kitchen.  Make sure in addition to your decorative lighting, you have overhead lighting, under cabinet task lighting and light those cook tops!



And last, but not least, small rooms with limited overhead lighting, such as butler’s pantry, can be brightly lit not just with those under cabinet lights but also above with cove lighting.  Throwing light up to bounce off the ceiling is a great way to get an overall glow!

house beautiful


How can you incorporate layering of lighting into your home?

All images above source from Pinterest, unless otherwise noted.  Speaking of Pinterest, why not follow Beth Haley Design?  Your project could be our next pin!


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Inspiration from Unlikely Places; Doors Edition

My love for doors started about two years ago, while I was studying abroad in London. The doors were so fascinating, bright colored yet very traditional. I found myself dying to open the doors and see what was behind these closed entities. Doors are what separate the outside from the inside and often lead into beautiful spaces where people dwell and live their everyday lives. For this edition of Inspiration from Unlikely places, I wanted to explore different styles of doors and imagine what might rest behind them.

Both this entry and room feel very grounded and long established with the deep sultry teals and marvelous architectural detail. This sitting area is perfect for cuddling up by a fire after escaping the rain from a bike ride through town.

Door 1

A red Regency door, is very typical to find while walking down the streets of London. While the door and architectural details around it are historic there is something about it that makes me think this contemporary dining room is awaiting behind it.

Door 2

Barn doors are so quaint and old. They have seen many years of hard work yet feel so restful. This warm white living room with reclaimed wood accents bring me to the same restful feeling as the barn doors.

Door 3

Mid Century Modern is written all over this orange door with geometric window slats. This living space is also very mid century with the perfect orange lacquered cocktail table.

Door 44

The turquoise and red details in both the door and sitting area remind me a lot of a 50′s dinner in a more homey way!

Door 5

This fuchsia Moroccan inspired door is AMAZING! And this sitting room is definitely behind these doors and equally as amazing! I could totally imagine sipping some hot tea in this room.

Door 6

This modern lime green door, reminds me of Mrs. Beth Haley herself as well as a door you might find in California. Lime green kitchen island and lacquered wood cabinetry is the perfect compliment to this front door.

Door 7

What type of front doors inspire you to go inside?

Faux Sho-House Kid’s Room

I love the architecture of a space. Windows, door style, ceiling height, views, lighting, flooring all effect the design of a project. Of course, ultimately the homeowner offers the vast majority of the inspiration by defining personal taste, what excites them and their functional needs. With the Faux Sho, we have to provide all these details since we are creating these spaces completely from our imagination.

Our final room is a kid’s bedroom. Immediately I drew inspiration from my now, middle school son, what his interests are, what I’ve heard from my client’s and then defined those details within the context of a 3-D box. This led to architecture and form. Why stick with flat walls? I love sculpture and sculpted spaces which lead me to design the space to include forms surrounding the main focal point, the bed wall.sketch of kids bed room

I imagined an off center window grounded by a window seat which also labors as a night stand. Bedrooms evoke peaceful retreats, reading, talking, thinking and dreaming. What child wouldn’t enjoy curling up at the window to read, play or day dream? Actually a combination of both if you’ve watch children play. Love that too.


I then imagined taking architectural detail to the rest of the wall, why stop? I built out a soffit type structure to follow the left side of the window up and along the ceiling. Here I can add an accent color which then frames art, the bed and window. For additional layering and texture (and to hide scuffs and allow for pinning favorite photos) I selected a reclaimed wood from Good Wood Nashville and laid it in a diagonal pattern to keep it fresh and modern. Now, I have my foundation.



The American Leather bed was selected for its clean lines and wipe-ability. Its tall and sleek simplicity continues the sculptural theme. Bedding is bamboo selected for softness and wash-ability. Accent pillows in these graphic prints give a simple pop (cityscape print by Zinc Textile, geometric print from Romo). No need for many-they will be thrown to the floor. Keep it simple!












oblong pillow









For storage, I love the flexibility of this Resource Furniture’s wall system. Used for office storage, it also makes the perfect piece to hold clothes, toys, art projects and awards. Configure to your personal needs.


Lighting must also follow the theme of sculptural form. The overhead pendant from Tech Lighting takes center stage and works well with taller ceilings to get the most from its light. The bedside lighting from Nuevo Living is slim and operates with motion to work both the window seat and bed. Double duty, I love it!


Area Rugs, like the bicycle motif, offer a graphic punch as does the abstract art form local artist KJ Schumacher. You can select a favorite color form his colorful inventory. I love how he layers pattern developing structure and a feeling of creative freedom thru movement. I can see ideas forming from these pieces.






I could not resist adding an iconic art chair. Imagine reading and computer playing happening here. Its cozy shape beacons you to come, have a seat and join me. Its color, vivid and strong shape stand alone as a corner piece.


Window treatments, like icing on the cake, complete a space, saying all is finished. A simple roman shade plays double for function and visual interest. Easy to maneuver with cords attached to the window for safety. Fabric from Zinc Textile add the final punch.


Well, that’s a wrap of the BHD 2014 Faux Sho! We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have enjoyed designing it. Hopefully you have found inspiration and learned a tip or two. Join us throughout the rest of the month as our theme continues with Tips, Tricks and Techniques.


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