2015 Trend Watch | Chairs!

We hope you are digging these 2015 trends as much as we are! Having the ability to identify key design elements in a trend means you’re one step closer to achieving the look in your own space. This week we are checking out various furniture pieces and how they can help contribute to specific styles. First stop–chairs!

Clean + Uncluttered | I love chairs. Like love them. When searching for seating for your home, keep in mind a chair can be many things–armless, backless, a place to perch or a place to lounge. The pieces below have a variety of functions but speak the same language when it comes to style. They are clean lined, using classic forms and refined elements. Oh, and remember, clean + uncluttered doesn’t have to mean white! I love how this turquoise seat (okay, maybe it’s an ottoman) might add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral palette.


Anthropologie Rhys | Gabby Joyce SideGabby Ward |  Arteriors Mosquito Bench | Julian Chichester Pollock

Tailored + Traditional | Traditional upholstered seating doesn’t have to pay homage to your grandma’s floral wingback. Think rich, textured fabrics complemented by special details like nail heads or cording. Avoid chair legs, arms, or fabrics that are too elaborate. Keep the forms simple to achieve a more tailored look.


Mr. Brown Armathwaite Side |  Oly Diana Side | Oly Layla | Hickory White 4883 | Sam Moore Beckley

Modern Farmhouse This trend is essentially the juxtaposition of two contrasting styles–contemporary and rustic. These chairs are great examples of modern classics that can be combined with a wood breakfast or dining table. Select chairs with a trendy accent color to brighten up your dining room and make it less formal. Trends may come and go, but these classic chairs are all keepers!


Louis Ghost | Wishbone | Eames Molded Plastic Side | Bertoia Side

Industrial Glam | BHD has been drooling over this trend for awhile now. It may seem risky, but consider subtle ways to execute it in your own home through seating. Mixed metals and dark wood tones are a great start. Look for pieces that have unique frames and shapes. Avoid oversized or bulky chairs.  A seat with a feminine form will help pump up your glam factor!



Baker Auguste | Platner Arm | Nuevo Living Hans | Arteriors Whyndam Swivel | Mr. Brown Umbria | Arteriors Vero | Janice et Cie Branch Side

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2015 Trend Watch: Lighting

This month we are focusing on 2015 trends and how these trends can be achieved by using different design elements. Lighting is the jewelry of your home, so it’s important that it is cohesive with the rest of your decor and style. Here are the trends of 2015 through lighting!

Clean & Uncluttered

In a space like this, I picture simple fixtures with not a lot of fuss. Minimalistic lighting is important for this trend; nothing too heavy and straight lines or globes are great choices. Find these fixtures here: Lamp, Chandelier, Sconce, and Pendant . All available through BHD!

clean & uncluttered

Tailored & Traditional

The key to this trend is selecting traditional ideas and simplifying them to a more tailored look. For example, a tiered candle stick chandelier can be very traditional, but choosing a fixture with straighter lines will give your space a more tailored look. Use this trick with all your fixtures and you have mastered the trend. Find these fixture here: Chandelier , Sconce, Pendant, Lamp. All available through BHD!

Tailored Traditional

Modern Farmhouse

The key to creating this trend through lighting is to mix and match elements of the farmhouse style with modern accents. Mix rustic materials like iron and burlap with Edison bulbs and add straight lines for a touch of contemporary. Combine fixtures that have inspiration from the farmhouse style with fixtures that are more modern. Find these fixtures here: Chandelier, Lamp, Pendant, Sconce. All available through BHD!

Modern Farmhouse

Industrial Glam

This is my favorite “guilty pleasure trend.” It teeters the line between harsh and glamorous and is so intriguing. Suddenly using iron beaded chains is not only okay but gorgeously glamorous. The more brass and gold the better! Find these fixtures here: Chandelier, Sconce, Pendant, Lamp. All available through BHD!

Industrial Glam

It’s 2015, get your trend on!

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2015 Trend Watch – Fabrics!

I love fabrics!  Nothing sets apart a space like using beautiful fabrics to speak for your design.  Since we are elaborating on design trends this month, I wanted to show you how the four trends can be shown in same color schemes just by choosing different types of fabrics!  I pulled all of these right out of our design library! See something you like?  Let us know; all are available through BHD!

Clean + Uncluttered

These fabrics choices are all about simple texture and light graphics.  Use of neutral, textural fabrics keep upholstery looking simple, clean and show off straight lines the best.  Adding color is easy, here I chose a blue felt that would look great on a wood framed mid century chair!

Tailored + Traditional


Our approach to this style of traditional is taking those classic patterns and cleaning them up a bit.  Large scale feminine patterns paired with elegant embroideries and beautiful velvets keep a traditional space classical and so very tailored.

Modern Farmhouse



I love the new spin on the farmhouse style!  Relaxed and durable fabrics work great for this style.  Using gauze like striped sheers, clean organic patterns and relaxed graphics gives the farmhouse look a modern take.

Industrial Glam


Bold color and graphics along with silky and velvety textures makes industrial glam one of my favorite new trends!  Fun, funky and oh so ever luxe!

Stay tuned for even more examples of how to incorporate 2015 design trends into your home!


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