New Destinations, City: Miami!

Miami is surrounded by gorgeous beaches and tons of gorgeous people!  I want to share with you today inspirations from other gorgeous aspects of this city!  Welcome to Miami!!


Miami is widely know for it’s hot nightclub scene.  I can understand why; the city at night is beautiful!


Reminds me of S.Harris’s new Brushstroke Velvet!


Miami’s Art Deco Historic District is steeped in cuteness!


Cotton & Quill’s Deco Collection is a perfect combo for Miami’s well kept history!


Miami International Airport is an art installation mecca!


This rug through BHD reminds me of this fun exhibit!



Walking into The Bazaar restaurant feels like entering into a swanky movie scene!



I’d gladly incorporate this feeling into my home with a sea worth chandelier and a lacquered bookcase full of leather books!


Located in the Coconut Groove area, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is a beautiful step back into history.



I’d remind myself of this 1914 estate everyday by using Fire Clay’s Grandola handpainted tiles!


And last, but definitely not least is Key Biscayne which holds Crandon Park, a non-profit conservation center.


I’d use this pillow to remind me of the heritages, cultural surroundings, and wildlife of Miami!



For a glance into a real Miami home, check out one of my favorite blogs here!




Jacqueline’s Week In Pics!

Summer time and the living is easy! This summer has been a crazy and fast one, for me.

For the 4th of July Weekend, my family and I went to the mountains. This place has been in our family for a long time and is one of my all time favorite places.



This was my nephew’s first trip to the cabin and he loved it!!!


Lake weddings at sunset are gorgeous. This is my boyfriend and I enjoying the reception.


My family had a little cousins reunion at my great uncles house. It had been a while since I had been to his house and had forgotten about the beautiful architectural details. This is a picture of windows in his entry way.


Nashville Dancin’ has been happening on Thursday nights this summer! I have gone and enjoyed a few myself. The General Jackson always makes an appearance.


Hope everyone has a great weekend!!



New Destinations – Amalfi Coast

Nestled on the gentle, winding coast of the Mediterranean Sea, the Amalfi Coast is a region in Italy known as being one of the most scenic places in all of Italy. Venice has canals, Rome has ruins, but Amalfi has the sea.  Full of natural beauty from the deep turquoise stain of the ocean to the captivating shades of fushia and burgundies in the flowers, the landscape captures the soul while the culture, energy, and lifestyle captures the mind. The region has attracted writers, artists, film directors, and designers for centuries.

Photo: Amalfi Coast, Italy

The center of it all is Amalfi. Some people lament Amalfi is overhyped and too expensive. While it is glorified and expensive, it is all part of the fun of it.  Think pristine white mega yachts and lots of gold jewelry. In Amalfi, it is all about looking the part. Everyone is dressed to impressed. The cafes are full of chic, international travelers and the restaurants offer seafood that will make every other meal pale in comparison.

amalfi 1

Up the coast a little way is the “little” town of Positano. This town was made famous in America by the book & movie “Under the Tuscan Sun.”  Think lovely little streets connecting tiny, brightly painted houses, perched on the side of a cliff. Spectacular! Bougainvillaea grows everywhere and there are lots of little stores selling wonderful, linen clothes.  The cafes are charming as you would imagine.


amafli 2

Ravello is another classic village perched on the Amalfi Coast. Ravello is unique because the village is sort of tucked on top of a lush, green mountain with little streets carving their way down to the coast. The medieval city has villas built in the 11th century that have been expertly restored and preserved. The quaint main piazza is full of life, while tiny shops sell exquisite Italian ceramics of all kinds.


K.J. Schumacher


All items shown are available through BHD. The art pictured above is by Nashville artist  K.J. Schumacher and currently on view in the showroom!

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