Designs Inspired by the Andes Mountains!

The Andes Mountains in South America are the longest mountain range in the world. They stretch across multiple countries and have multiple ecosystems. Because it stretches so far some parts are really cold or really hot, while others are more moderate. Because of this, the scape of Andes Mountains differ.


Llama’s are a common animal found along the Andes. This photo of the llamas inspired me to find accessories and decor that matched this scape.



How gorgeous is the sky drop back to the mountains. Create this calming sunset sky, in your home, by selecting colors of the sky to furnish your room.



Polylepis Forest occur at altitudes of up to 4,500 meters. Only ten percent of this forest is left. How captivating are these trees?  They’re just like a secret garden and inspired me to find items to create a hideaway office.






Design Inspired by St Lucia!

St Lucia is a gorgeous place that is more than just a stop on a Caribbean cruise. The landscape includes beaches filled with palm trees, their unspoiled rainforest, the Piton Mountains, and tons of waterfalls. St Lucia is rated one of the most romantic destinations in the world and I can see why! The next few images of St Lucia inspired me to find lighting, rugs, and fabric that captured the scenery of St Lucia.  You, too, can incorporate this island feel in your home.

View of the Piton Mountains


The Diamond Waterfall of St Lucia


Resort Jade Mountain


St Lucia Rainforest


Torch Ginger Flower


The colors and flow of this rug remind me of Diamond Falls.



This abstract torch ginger flower rug takes me back to St. Lucia.



Imagine looking out into the ocean of St Lucia. By incorporating this rug with the colors of the ocean and mountains into a room, you could be on St. Lucia every day!



St Lucia has a very natural architectural design that blends in with the landscape. This chandelier ties in perfectly.


Currey & Co.

While this chandelier makes more of a statement and captures beautiful colors of the local flowers.


Currey & Co.




These fabrics screams St Lucia!


Alex Blank Fabric


Beacon Hill


I hope you are inspired to add a few things to your home that take you to Destination: St Lucia!

Stefani’s Week in Pics

Hello! Here’s my first week in pics! I’m the newest kid on the block here at BHD. I recently relocated from Knoxville, with the husband, and so far I am loving Nashville and thrilled to be a part of the team at BHD. We have been exploring all that the city has to offer so I’m sure, that will be reflected in my pics!

I recently celebrated having a paycheck again by enjoying the delicious veggie ramen at Two Ten Jack. There was even a break in the heat and we dined outdoors!

The crispy brussel sprouts are also amazing.
210j menu

There was a double rainbow in our neighborhood!

I made a quick trip to the Asian market down the street to pick up these tasty treats!

Which meant curry noodles for dinner!
curry fin

I planted some fun flowers to add a little color to the front yard!

And found a little friend in the process.

I had the ‘good fortune’ to see a friend from Knoxville while she was in town. We tried out Miss Saigon! Their curry was way better than mine!

My dog, Peanut, was excited to have a visitor in town too! We met new friends for game night and he got to tag along for a doggie playdate. He was exhausted by the time we got home and did his typical ‘cool down’ routine of sprawling across the hardwood floor as soon as we walked in the door!
pnut walk

After some world cup watching in the 12 South area, the husband and I headed to Las Paletas to try another flavor! I love anything pistachio! It might be dangerous that its so close to the office.

Typically, I’m not a sports fan. Quite the opposite. But every four years that all goes out the window during World Cup time! I love to watch the international teams compete and all the hustle and bustle surrounding the games is just so much fun! I’ve been catching as many games as I can, which is a little hard with our work schedule. We meet up with a few friends to watch the US vs Portugal match last Sunday. What a game!

But my favorite moment so far was the start of the tournament when one of my favorite players pulled off a hat trick in Germany’s first game! (if you’re not a soccer fan, that means he scored three goals during one game.) Way to go Müller!!!
hat trick

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