Artist Feature: Tiffany Clapp

It is our pleasure to introduce Nashville artist Tiffany Clapp. Her work has been gracing our showroom walls the past few months and we have been delighted by the response she has received from many of our clients!

my heart beats for color

My Heart Beats for Color © Tiffany Clapp

Tiffany was raised in Nashville. Growing up she was always attracted to the fine arts and graduated MTSU with a degree in Interior Design. During her senior year, Tiffany enrolled in an elective photography course and the experience had a substantial impact on her perspective as a designer.

colorado edited for size

Great Sand Dunes National Park © Tiffany Clapp

After college Tiffany travelled and briefly lived in California. About this time, her grandmother gave her the chance of a lifetime when she asked Tiffany if she wanted to travel the world with her. As the oldest grandchild, without children and not in high school, Tiffany was the opportune travel companion. The two set off on a world wide adventure, traveling to far off places from Antarctica to the North Pole, to the Panama Canal, Morocco, the Mediterranean,  and everywhere in between. All the while she honed her skills as a photographer and a designer.

twin berg peaks

Twin Berg Peaks © Tiffany Clapp

Between trips, Tiffany worked on her art at home. During one of the breaks, she began focusing attention on her paintings. She always painted but never for the purpose of being a professional painter. She did it is a passion. Completely self taught, she worked with acrylics, water color, gouache, and natural elements to creative custom dies as she was developing her style.

tiffany 2

Hidden Music © Tiffany Clapp

In 2010 Tiffany made a leap and decided to go back to MTSU for a degree in Global Studies. After traveling so much of the world she wanted to return to an academic setting and put her experiences into a broader context. While in school, she continued to hone her skills as a photographer and painter.

tffany 33

 Through the Reeds © Tiffany Clapp

In the past year, Tiffany has ramped up her painting and we are thrilled to present her first show! The colors, textures, compositions are absolutely stunning. The work has looked beautiful in the showroom and in our clients’ homes.


 Color Panels © Tiffany Clapp

We invite everyone to our annual BHD Mini Market on May 7th for a chance to meet Tiffany and see her work. It should be a great event!


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Colorful Mood Board

This mood board is all about pops of color. An otherwise traditional rug pattern is updated with hot magenta details and a rich blue background. Bright throw pillows provide contrast against a charcoal sofa while a cobalt lamp offers a colorful accent. The metallic tables and matching wall mirrors add a touch of bling. Loving this Living Room? All pieces are available through BHD!

Blue Mood Board

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Inspiration from Unlikely Places: Broadway Edition!

One of my favorite things to do is go see Broadway plays! My mother started this love by taking me to see musicals when I was a little girl. I love everything from the music, costumes, bright lights, dancing and lots of fascinating characters. For two to four hours, I get to go to my happy place and pretend like I’m living in that musical! In this inspiration from unlikely places I take my love for musicals and capture it with my love for interiors!


It all started with my first Broadway, CATS! The walls remind me of the midnight dance and the childhood room reminds of the cat that is going to be reborn!





Matilda is a childhood favorite from the book, to the movie, and the musical! The playful colors of the mugs and pot remind me of the whimsy feeling of childhood imagination.






The showstopping Chicago musical is a classic! So risque and tasteful at the same time.





Mamma Mia! is so much fun to watch and also very interactive with the audience. You leave feeling happy! Such a cheerful family room can also make you feel happy and fresh!


mamma mia



RENT is a musical about struggling artists and their quest to make it! This little vignette reminds me of a lively, well-cultured young adult’s snapshot of life.





Wicked! The very well known tell of the wicked witch of the west! This dining room perfectly displays the battle of good and evil, with the balance of black and white.





Hairspray is a musical with a boastful amount of energy and this room captures it beautifully!





The most interesting and random things can inspire ones imagination….what inspires you?

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